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Cizo my fratello and fratellas (and even the ones who havent joined. we still love u ) (hello my bros and sis)                                                                                  

This is my blog for my Creepysasta and other things. Any advice or even things you want, i'll be happy to put in my blog f you. I blog about the best and worst creepypastas. EX.)creepypasta of the week/ crappypasta of the week so come and join my nation of fratellos and fratellas in this moment in histeroy  (jk but please join my nation.)    

P will be making this along with me is my henchmenn, Lightning Spazz, and my Best friend (Who we will call the happy panda bear for now). they r helping me with this blog. So join my Nation or Romano will get angry and you will make Italy cry. :P so dont make Italy cry and Romano get mad. GRASIZ TO ALL MY FRATELLOS AND FRATELLAS.

Vi amo tutti molto (i love you all very much) - italian

Arrevadenci (goodbye)

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Creepypastas, horror games and other scary things. also i'm trying to get ppl to join my nation (IM NOT BEING LIKE RUSSIA, well ok maybe just alittle) it's a group of ppl and i want to have alot of fratellos and fratellas. but if you would like to learn moe about me ill give you 15 things about me.

1. i love pasta with hot sause

2. i LOVE creepypasta like L loves candy

3. i adore any cute things

4. my favorite show is NOT hetalia but i do like it alot

5. i have read over 200 fanfictions and creepypasta in a three months period

6. i don't ave a favorite show because i actually watch youtube more often then not.

7. my Petname is Germany Nazumi but ppl call me kitty kat

8. My Favoite anime charecters from hetalia are romano, russia and germany

9. im 15 and i write books better than most people would think a 15yr old can write

10. i have a vertual dog named Liebe

11. i want to go to italy and germany

12. i hate to be a burden

13. i love horror video games (especially german games)

14. i draw sketches for ppl who ask (but only anime and animals. NO REAL PEOPLE)

15. i love dark chocolate.

these are 15 things that you didnt know about me. if you want anymore then just send me a message. ill be starting my blogs really soon.  Arrevidenci

Latest activityEdit

Scary video games
Creepypasta listenings
Anime readings

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Squidwards suicide

Squwidward s suicide

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