Ahoj kluci a holky. že jeho čas v týždni znova. KNIHA recenziu čas, tento malý segment je kde dám vám dva z najlepších a najhorších kníh v knižnici. a dnešný jazyk slovenský. Áno, to je skutočný languge a nie, já nehovorím to sám. ale prosím nezačnú sťažovať a teraz poďme začať s našej picks na týždeň. (PS budúci týždeň bude týždeň najhorších kníh v knižnici. chorý dať len najhoršie knihy a potom na konci týždňa chorých vyzdvihnúť canadate najhoršie knihy v knižnici.)

Najlepšia kniha týždňa: Megatokyo a D. Grey. Muž najhoršia kniha týždňa: Bakuman a piesok kroniky (''''hello guys and girls. its that time of the week again. BOOK REVIEW TIME, this little segment is  where i give you two of the best and worst books in the library. and today's language is SLOVAK. yes it is a real languge and no, i don't speak it myself. but please don't start to complain about it and now let us begin with our picks of the week. (P.S. next week it will be the week of the worst books in the library. ill only give the worst books and then at the end of the week ill pick the canadate for the worst book in the library. best book of the week: Megatokyo and D. Grey Man  worst book of the week: Bakuman and Sand Chronicals ) 

MegaTokyo and D.Grey ManEdit

Alright. so we start off by rating these two mangas. (Yes mangas. i am doing the manga section.once my contempt ill move onto the fiction section.)  d.gray man was rated to be about a 8. i enjoy the series but the thing about it was the fact that after the 26 episode of the anime and the

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