Nabari no Ou (SUB) - 2 - Raimei Arrives23:52

Nabari no Ou (SUB) - 2 - Raimei Arrives

this is episoodes 1-26 in the anime

 Salut bros şi surori. este acel moment din săptămână din nou. este timpul pentru revizuire de scoli CD.

(hello bros and sisters. it's that time of the week again. it's time for CD SCHOOLS REVIEW.) (Romanian)

anyway, we start this segment off by saying that this is NOT a creepypasta/crappypasta but a review for the CentralDauphin East Highschool books.

Best book ook of the week :Nabari No Ou

Worst book of the week: Mauz

Nabari No Ou
Nabari No Ou

This Means Nabari No Ou but written in the original Japanese form.


this book would be rated as a 8 out of a 10. the reason for it being an eight is because it is of the style, the context and the plot. as you all know i rate based on the condition to the book, the plot of the book and the amount of the series that is still with the book. unfortionatly theonly one i have read of the book is the first book because there was only book one in the school library. but let's continue.

the condition to the book was alittle poor. not the best but at least not the worst. i was able to read the book with no trouble. it kept me interested in it to the point that i was alittle disappointed when i noticed that it was an unfinished series in the library (like most of the other book that we have here.) it is about a schoolboy named Miharu Rokujou who lives in a quiet town called Banten. he lives an ordenary life but is attacked by (grey wolves) of iga. the grey wolves of iga ia a powerful ninja clan who attempt to kidnap him.

the picture is from the manga and the video is for the anime. personally i like the manga better becase it is more of a realistic experience to have.


this book was rated a 4 out of 10 Mauz is a moral story about catsand mice. it is set to be a (almost) parody of the holocaust. it is a diffrent version of the holocaust but desighned for teens. it is just changing the Jews to mice and the Nazis to cats. personally i find it alittle disgraceful to say in the least. but the lay out of the book was fantastic but since it was a moral book with it's own series (and yes this is for all 3 books) it made me loose intrest in the book it's self. i may enjoy reading about evets but i do not like to read about the holocaust. so just to push my boundries i read them. now yes it was alright to say in the least, it was also unknerving.

Vă mulţumim pentru lectură şi sperăm să enjoied acest segment. vă rugăm să vin înapoi formore.dragoste ya'll pa(thank you for reading and we hope you enjoied this segment. please come back formore.
love ya'll bye

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