Gutentag Bruders und Schwestern. {Hello bros and siss} this is your belove host BloodyAngle,

today we will start off this segment alittle diffrently. first off i am sorry that i haven't been posting like usual. ive been busy with school and finding decent creepypastas. i do apologise for the inconvience to those who like these things.

secondly i am not only doing creepypasta anymore but also book artical reviews for my school. so those that know me and actually read these thins CONGRADULATIONS YOU HAVE SUCSESSFULLY FAILED AT LIFE. JK but in all matter thank you for taking the time to actually read this.

thirdly i would like to say that some of the things that are written are going to be for my school so if the title says CDEH REVIEW OF THE BOOKS then it is NOT a Creepypasta or a Crappypasta. it is a regular book that i have chosen from my school to be the canidates for my books of the week.

it will be desighned exactly like a creepy/crappy pasta.   first the intro, then the books of the week  (best/worst) then the details and why then  finally the outro. also if you have and QCC(questions, comments  conserns) then please ask me in the review box or even at my email. but please be kind about what you say (MEANING DONT START COMING TO MY EMAIL CURSING AT ME SAYING THAT IT WAS AWFUL. IM ONLY HUMAN)

also lastly, i will be working alittle bit more on the creepypasta and the crappypasta but it will take some time so i am moving my reviews to every other day. i will ATEMPT to type every day but every other day for a creepypasta/crappypasta. but i will put for the effore Vielen Dank für eure Geduld und ich liebe euch alle.  auf Wiedersehen Brüder und Schwestern     - (thank you very much for your patience and i love you all. goodbye brothers and sisters) haben Sie eine Creepyday und happy halloween (have a creepyday and happy halloween )

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