Cry Reads Four More Creepypasta05:38

Cry Reads Four More Creepypasta

Здравствуйте, ползает и Creepetts, его мне здесь кровавые Ангел. -russian( Hello Creeps And Creepetts its me here Bloody Angel.) im here to say one of three things. the first thing is an apology for my recent absence. i have been in school and my playstation has broke down so it's very hard for me to keep up with all of this. i will say i am going to double this (episode) up for all of you. so lets begin. (also sorry for the pics being stuck right in the middle.)

Creepyasta of the week: Angle & Nails

Crappypasta of the week: Naruto the lost episode & Courage the lost episode

Angel & ObsessionEdit


Lets begin with Angel and obsession. now i know that it seems strange but it is actually quite interesting. this is not a picture of either creepypasta but it is of an angle. Angel is about an babysitter who came over to watch this couple's kids. now she saw that there wasn't cable in the downstares room but in the parents room so after she put the kids to bed she then called the parents asking if she can watch telivision in their room. Now once she called and gave the request and the obliged. But her final request was to cover the angel statue in the front yard or atleath close the blinds. Now she had been talking to the father on the phone. he told her to get the chilren out the house for they did not own an angel statue. once they returned home they say that all the occupants were dead. the angle was nowhere in sight.

Rate: 8

Reason: well let me start off by saying that i had listened to Cryoticmonki read this. The reason he rating is so high is becaue of the person who had read it. I also had listened to this while in the dark reading something else. personally this could have been alot better. if it wern't read by anyone and just typed up, by it's self this creepypasta is rated about a 5-5 1/2. Now the reason being is because it had no detail. it gave you the main creepypasta with no build up. based on the full creepypasta it was kinda dull. and alittle cliche in my opinnion. i mean honestly, a teenage babysitter is watching someone's kids and just so happends to see something sitting outside her window but doesn't think it is alittle weird that out popes an angel on the family's property even though tthey had never had it there before. it's alittle strange. honestly the only reason it is so high is because one of my three favorite readers read it.


Ok lets begin wit obsession. well it is a journal styal creepypasta. it is about a woman who is a victim of a stalker. it is writen on her experience of her life. for about a year this stalker has been getting closer until finally on the last day when the mom was talking to a girl scout he kidnapped her son and they were never heard from again.

Rate: 9 1/2

Reason: ok here we go. this one was actually pretty scary.Along with Cryoticmonki reading this which only ading onto the horror during the creepypasta. it honestly ggave me chills and it was daytime. it was more detailed and the usage of blood was kept at a minimal, only used on cuts and sores. now i will say what kinda pissed me off alittle was when it talked about the crawspace. the sound of little rat skulls being crushed. im not going to rag on this pasta because this is a correct use of gory. the only thing that was even remotly awful was the part when she forgot to lock her door. by it's self this creepypasta would be rated about a 8. the reason it isn't higher is because i wasn't in the dark. but that hasn't really taken away from he creepyness of the story. but it kinda bulled it down to an eerie feeling. noww the usage of cliches were kept at a low minimal. the girlscout appearing at the door searving as a distraction was the only thing that made me alittle upset. i would have honestly prefered alittle background on a epilog. but all in all it was a good pasta.

N.T.L.E & C.T.L.E.Edit

honestly these were put in the negitive catagory they are both are a -4. it's about naruto turning into a Ducking zombie. same with curage. it's kinda annoying but nontheless a creepypasta. NOT. these are so bad that they are not even a creepypasta, its cheap how they both start off with the view LOVING the shows since being a kid. i mean серьезно как глупо у вас в том, чтобы на самом деле нравится этот вид мусора (seriously how stupid do you have to be to actually enjoy this type of garbage.) IT'S ANNOYING. honestly im not going to rag on these creepypastas but it's honestly a redundant discrace. IT OVEREGSAGERATES EVERYTHING. over ussage of blood and gore. just sad.  but to have to over eggsagurate on the blood and gore maakes it incharecteristic in the slightest. honestly i have seen worse but this is pretty bad, almost to the point that it is my worst. they say that naruto was turning into a zomboi (that is how i like to spell my zombies ). i can understand that. yes you can give it alittle something and turn him into a demonic verson of himself and eve give him the  (everlasting cliche) of him turning evil and killing everyone. but the description of him turning that waswas what a five year old would do.  " oh no! naruto has skin and blood dripping from his face and looks so demonic. oh god theres hyper realistic blood everywhere. and you can hear bones breaking" ok right there. it's CLICHE. and overly used sence of a creepypasta. i counted about 45 cliche's in the whole creepypasta (if you can really even call it that) and tthe wort of it all. THE EBAY. OH MY GOD! THE DUCKING EBAY! WHY DO PEOPLE INTEND ON USING EBAY FOR EVER SINGLE CREEPYPASTA. oh not only that but also AMIZON. OR SOME OTHER OCTION SIGHT. hey, why not actually go to a game stop or to a famer's market (a type of gaming oction tha is NOT online for all of you who didn't know.) and maybe buy it from there. amizon and EBAY have been overly used ad constantly worn out. i havent heard of that many game stops. now i understand that you need to get a game from somewhere but you don't need to keep using amizon or EBAY. it's overly used and becoming a true annoyance.

oh and i haven't forgotten the courage. don't think im not ging to rag on that. the thing about it is that it is just like the naruto one. courage turns demonic. skin falling orr, black eyes crying blood, dead hyperrealistic bodoies everwher. the works. it's a pity. it is a real pity. like there are alot of courage ones. they all are the same.

so here ends another episode of BLC. Спасибо за чтение и присоединиться к моей нации или вы получите Иван, Лавино будет хит вам и Фелисиано будет плакать(thank you for reading and join my nation or Ivan will get you, Lavino will hit you and Feliciano will cry.) до свидания и следить за России(bye bye and watch out for Russia)  

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