Здравствуйте все, что вам фруктовый лианы, там. Это ваш хост кровавый Ангел здесь и были с еще некоторые ..., ну вы догадались еще. ДА. № Ну, это время для другой creepypasta сегмента. и на этот раз он имеет... РОССИИ, АМЕРИКИ И РОМАНО ЭПИЗОД(а также гтп Англии, Северной Италии и Канады только для удовольствия). Это один имеет..., вы догадались его, наш любимый Романо, Америки и России в этом эпизоде. (RUSSIAN)

(. hello all you fruity creepers out there. it's your host bloody angel here and were back with some more...... well have you guessed yet. HUH. NO. well it's time for another creepypasta segment. and this time it's a .................... RISSIA, AMERICA, AND ROMANO EPISODE (while also feturing england, North Italy and canada just for fun). this one features.... you guessed it,our beloved Romano, America, and  Russia in this episode.)

deoarece acestea sunt cele luate pentru acordate (imediat după Canada nu vă faceţi griji vom avea un blog doar pentru el) sunt de cele mai multe dintre noastre alte creepypastas despre N. Italia şi că nu este corect. pentru că ar fi murit atât de multe timp. Oricum acest lucru  (ROMANIAN) 

(since these are the ones taken for granted (right after Canada don't worry we'll have one blog just for him) most of our other creepypastas are about N. Italy and that's not fair. because he dies so many time. anyway this)

also i decided that these are going to be a triple creepypasta today (obiously) so why not type in their national languages. since russia is three days after my best friend's birthday i chose him to be first, then since romano is my favorite charecter (after russia) i picked him. then since im american so i chose america. but there is one thing that they all have in common. they all want revenge on the other countries. ma per il crappypastas trovo 3 creepypastas N. Italia, Inghilterra e canada, che trovo assolutamente il peggiore e poi metterli in su dal momento che so che ci sono alcune persone che trovano il loro essere charecters molto cool, quindi questo non è solo di america, russia e romano (but  for the crappypastas i will find 3 N. italy, england, and canada creepypastas that i find utterly the worst and then put them up since i know that there are some people who find them to be very cool charecters so this isn't just about america, russia, and romano )

Romano Revenge, Alfred's Payback and Russia's episodeEdit

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Canada, England, And Italy's Revenge,Edit


killer italy

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